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Nirvana is a group that provides services and funeral arrangements, guiding families through the challenging process of honoring their loved ones with dignity and respect. With a compassionate approach, we offer comprehensive assistance in every aspect of funeral planning to ensure each ceremony reflects the unique life and legacy of the departed.

Nirvana Asia Group stands as a beacon of wisdom and guidance for Great Life Planning Sdn. Bhd.. Since its establishment in 1990, Nirvana Asia Group understands the importance of honoring loved ones. We embrace our tradition and culture with pride by offering a comprehensive suite of bereavement care services that uplift and celebrate life. Our services are thoughtfully designed to provide solace, helping families navigate the difficult journey with sensitivity and support.
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Funeral planning is a complex and sensitive matter.
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Excellent Feng Shui is governed by exceptional natural landforms found in the environment.
Columbaria is changing the way we memorialise and honour the departed through architecture of unparalleled magnificence.
NV Seed Sheng Ji
The principles of Sheng Ji or “Living Tomb” involves the creation of a tomb for a living person.
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