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About Us

Who We Are

Nirvana is a group that provides services and funeral arrangements, guiding families through the challenging process of honoring their loved ones with dignity and respect. With a heartfelt approach, we offer comprehensive assistance in every aspect of funeral planning, ensuring each ceremony reflects the unique life and legacy of the departed.

Drawing on the expertise and tradition of Nirvana Asia Group, established in 1990, we are proud to align with a company that shares our values. Nirvana Asia Group's dedication to honoring loved ones resonates deeply with our mission. Together, we offer a suite of bereavement care services designed to uplift and celebrate life, providing solace to families as they navigate this difficult journey with sensitivity and support.

In partnership with Nirvana Asia Group, Great Life Planning Sdn. Bhd. ensures that families receive the highest standard of care during their time of need. Our collaboration guarantees professionalism and compassion in every aspect of funeral arrangements, allowing grieving families to focus on honoring the cherished memories of their loved ones.